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Forum Equalizer

Review date: 09.03.2010
Product Review:

The Forum Equalizer is a forum submission software to automate posting to forum groups, forum sites and online forums.

Forum posting drives traffic to your website. In the forum, you post the URL of your blog or website business on any forum thread and tell newbies to visit your website if they want to learn more about your products/services or the issue they had. You can make money by utilizing forums by advertising your own branded affiliate link or you make money by selling an ebook. As you become more familar with Forum Posting, you will know other Forum posters, Bloggers and Blogs designs. You can make friends with other forum posters, or bloggers and share ideas, they can help you in your forum link building campaigns, and they allow you to exchange Forum Links. This is where the Forum Equalizer can help.

PRO's: Forum Equalizer uses your comments or your questions and automatically submits them all to a built-in database of forums, over 2000 forums at that.This means that your posts are spread so far to more forum message boards than you alone could ever have reached on your own.

So here is a word of advice. Instead of wasting or even waiting months to gather up a good amount of traffic and incoming links from search engines, why not do it in a matter of days! Your time is worth money.

CON's: May be considered spam by some if used improperly.


forum groups, forum submission software, forum site, member forum. online forum Advanced Features:  
  • Submit comments and questions to 85+ forums
  • Flood your website with quality backlinks
  • Increase your page ranking
  • Place your ads in forums with high PR
  • Search engines spiders love forums

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forum groups, forum submission software, forum site, member forum. online forum

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Rating :
1. Overall Product Rating 3.5 out of 5
2. Easy to Use 4 out of 5
3. Easy to understand 4 out of 5
4. Regular Software Updates (Y/N)   Yes

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