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Forum Poster v3

Review date: 09.03.2010
Product Review:

Forum submission software will automate posting to forum groups, forum sites and online forums to get you to page 1 of Google.

Forums are a great advertising medium, when used correctly because it enables people to swap ideas even better than blogs. Remember, Blogs are personal, the blog owner may select to not publish any contradicting ideas on his blog. They may want to keep it rosey and super positive. Forums allow you to post Ideas, drive traffic to your website and thus make you money. Forums even allow you to find other people sharing the same interests. Forum Posting gains you more traffic and more backlinks. This is where Forum Poster can help.

PRO's: Auto register,login,post/ reply message,logout, supports Image Verification, supports skip Image Verification forum, find open boards to post, view processes in debug window, supports proxy server, supports add,delete,edit forum URL, supports Import,Export forum list. Easy to use, just enter your texts and post it. Also supports post multi topic in one session, messages can include links,picture.etc(Use BBcode in message,Please see forum help for more information), so your webpage traffic will raise alot.

CON's: Find some and let us know.


forum groups, forum submission software, forum site, member forum. online forum Advanced Features:  
  • Store forums login details
  • Store preset forum postings
  • Saves a list of forums related to a niche
  • Customize forum posts
  • Organize forum posts easily

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forum groups, forum submission software, forum site, member forum. online forum

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Rating :
1. Overall Product Rating 4.5 out of 5
2. Easy to Use 4 out of 5
3. Easy to understand 4 out of 5
4. Regular Software Updates (Y/N)   Yes

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