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Review date: 09.03.2010
Product Review:

Want Delicious bookmarks?. With bookmarking software, get free bookmarking and media optimization.

Want more Delicious bookmarks, Reddit bookmarks, Digg bookmarks, Stumbleupon bookmarks?. When it comes to social bookmarking there are so many advantages such as it being the fastest way to a webpage or a website visited by a search engines and also indexed, when you submit to a social bookmark site, you will receive alot of traffic from these sites and you also get one-way links to your website. By posting again and again on social bookmark sites, you are making yourself known as an expert in your product niche. By utilizing social bookmarking, you can have higher page rank placement, and great backlinks by using social bookmarking to promote your website business. Now with this great bookmarking software, you will have full social media optimization power at your fingertips. Here is how.

PRO's: Submission to up to 250 social bookmarking site. (+50 in adult database pack), site filtering system, multi-threading feature, proxy support, synonimizer feature for submission, mul tiple social site accounts support, reposting feature, links retrieval, submission reports, submission to specific categories.

CON's: Not as advanced as BMD, and the price is much less. A bare budget submitter.


  Advanced Features:  
  • Quick Search Engine Indexing
  • Higher Search Engine Ranking
  • Gain one-way incoming links
  • Automated Social Bookmarking
  • More Adsense Clicks
  • Get more organic search traffic

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Rating :
1. Overall Product Rating q 4 out of 5
2. Easy to Use q 4 out of 5
3. Easy to understand q 4 out of 5
4. Regular Software Updates (Y/N)   Yes
Product User Comments:

Hello Matt, I can't thank you enough! After downloading and using your software, I can clearly see how the software can help me. I think this would work well in my aritcle and blog submissions.

Chad Van Norman